What is IcoRadar?

Initial Coin Offerings(ICOs) are quickly becoming the standard for raising funds for startups. In the last few months more and more ICOs have emerged and thus making it almost impossible to keep track. IcoRadar is the tool which will help you distinguish between ICOs with great potential and ICOs that are simply not worth your time.

Our mission

To research and review initial coin offerings that will bring value to our users.

Rating System

We rate projects on the scale 1 – 100. In our decision we include many factors such as:

  • Product – market, technology, problem solved
  • Whitepaper – depth of analysis, validity of proposed thesis
  • Roadmap – realistic goals,¬†short and long-term strategies and growth
  • Team – previous projects, experience, expertise
  • ICO conditions – fair token distribution

Our system is improving each day, so please note that ratings may change.

Team IcoRadar

We are distributed team of enthusiasts. We want to make more informed investment decisions through the ICO and want to give the opportunity for all!